This girl likes bones

Jenni, 23, south-west england

I’m getting so tempted to change my hair colour. I can’t decide what I want to so though. Don’t get me wrong I love my orange hair and it’s taken me so long to get it to a decent colour but I’m itching for something different.
I’m tempted to go lighter and go for a peachy pinky colour? But I don’t want to ruin my hair by bleaching it or what not to get it into some kind of colour to be able to do that.
And today I saw an amazing dark green colour. I’ve never liked or though about green hair but it was such a nice teal/dark green but I don’t want to risk going dark and then hating it.
I want to go to someone that can tell me what colour would suit my skin tone etc etc but I’m really not sure what to do?

I honestly don’t think I could be any happier right now. Everything in my life has fallen into place and I genuine feel so lucky all the time. I have an amazing group of friends that are always there, that’s old and new and thankfully I’ve reconnected with some old ones that I’ve really missed.
A lot of you know I was in a very long term relationship until March this year and we split up which was the right thing to do for both of us even though it felt shitty at the time.
I met someone not to long after my break up that completely changed my mind set on my life. He’s made me really want things in life that before I was sort of happy bobbing along but now it’s completely different.
I’m so happy all the time when he’s around and I think you can really see it in me as a person.
My job is what it is. It’s bar work sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s bad but I love it and most of the time it’s good. I just wish it paid a little more.
I felt the need to write this because I needed to get some of this good feeling down somewhere and I don’t have a diary so I guess this is the next best place. Online for god knows how many people to see and read and get an insight into my life. Take it for what you want. But it’s mine and I’m really happy.